Our firm offers a whole range of consultancy services required throughout the whole property development lifecycle. Our company specialises in turnkey solutions providing all services and consultancy for the conception of high end residential/commercial projects (morcellements). Our firm can boast of a wide spectrum of skills and services that include:
• Identification of sites and their potentiality for development
• Master-Planning
• Preparation of Outline Planning Permission (OPP) documents and Planning Development Briefs
• Seeking planning clearances from various governmental bodies and local authorities
• Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports
• Project Management services
• Land Surveying Services.
• Engineering Design Services
• Valuation reports
• Preparation of tender documents for selection of contractors
• Site supervision throughout the development process
• Assessment of the design of brochures, leaflets, adverts and other marketing materials
• Assist in the preparation of "Cahier des Charges" governing of a high end gated community
• Acting as technical and administrative facilitator among the land owner, promoter, sales agents, notary and buyer
• Marketing and Sales


To provide a simple approach to complex land and property development
Our approach involves providing clear, straight forward technical and professional advice in relation to land and property development.

Delivering site specific sustainable and integrated land and property developments
Conserving the natural appeal and aesthetic of a site is not only an environmental imperative, it is a human one. Integrating mixed use neighbourhoods is an alternative to an automobile oriented development. Our master planning philosophy and advisory services are not only market oriented but also site specific.

Staying at forefront of new technologies
Our technical and advisory services in the field of Project Management, Land Surveying and Engineering Design requires our firm to be at the forefront of new technologies in terms of equipment, software and training.

Customised attention to our client's requirements and expectations
We thrive at being a result oriented firm and aiming at our client's satisfaction, treating each client and project on a case-to-case basis.

New Goodlands

Morcellement New Goodlands (309 plots) - Goodlands, Riviere du Rempart


Residential parcelling of 309 plots
Average plot size: 320m2

Extent: 29A94P

Reference: MHL/M/11562

Splendid Garden

Gated residential morcellement - The Mount, Pamplemousses District


Type: Gated Residential
Average plot size: 1800m2

Extent: 4ha9426m2

Reference: MHL/M/11778

Domaine de Mont Calme

Residential parcelling (181 plots) - La Mivoie, La Preneuse, Black River District


Type: Residential
Average plot size: 1500m2

Extent: 26A20P

Reference: MHL/M/10494

Le Beau Vallon / Le Mahe

Morcellement (424 plots) situated at Mahebourg, Grand Port

Description: Residential/Commercial/Educational/ Leisure & Sports/Property owners' association

Extent: 47.7Ha

Reference: MHL/M/13916

Fleurot Ltd - Hillside

Residential morcellement (79 plots) - Belle Vue, Pamplemousses

Description: Type: Residential No of plots: 79 Average plot size: m2 T

Extent: 36A01P

Reference: MHL/M/11681